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Project Management

Project Management & Consulting / Service Portfolio:


  • project planning,   coordination    and   controlling
  • process analyses of life science applications
  • understandable description of the processes and definition of the key factors
  • specification of  a requirement-catalogue
  • market  analysis
  • determination of commercially available solutions and evaluation with regard to the application
  • support in product development, e.g. in concept design
  • selecting implementation partners   from life sciences or engineering

Scientific Searches

Sound knowledge builds the basis for target-oriented, fast and successful product development. wiwoco  GmbH performs literature searches to show the state-of-the-art and to enable a customer-focused and market-optimized product development. The literature search is complemented by market and competition analyses to provide a broad overview on the target area at which product development aims at. 

Technology and Feasibility Studies

Is there a certain technological problem that you want to solve? Do you have an idea of additional applications in which your product might work?  wiwoco  GmbH offers feasibility and technology studies to show if and how the development of a certain product can be achieved.

Acquisition of third party funds

wiwoco   GmbH   will    be pleased to support you in the acquisition of third party funds for your product development projects. With  precise wording and appealing texts your application for a third party fund will receive attention. 



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