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Scientific content creation

Technical-scientific Product Information

Product information should be kept simple but appealing. It should attract your customers’ attention and remain in their memory. wiwoco  GmbH assists you in the preparation of product information by composing easily understandable yet appealing texts that are supported by expressive figures that your customers will remember. 

Compilation of specialized Reports

They are just everywhere: that numerous information that in paper-format  fill many folders or are stored as files on your server.   It is a motley collection of  publications, product information, power point presentations etc. Knowledge that   could be  used in your projects or in product development - given, that it is available in understandable and edited form. wiwoco  GmbH will be pleased to compile specialized reports using this information:  clearly structured with a central theme and   easy to read with supporting figures. On request the report is complemented with up-to-date search results.

Synopses of Clinical Trials

Physicians are generally quite busy -  and reading of publications of clinical trials takes its time.  wiwoco  GmbH creates synopses of clinical trials that clearly show the relevant information of study design and outcome. 

User Manuals

User manuals for laboratory   devices    are often  written in an "engineering language"  which creates difficulties for the life science users to understand.  wiwoco  GmbH supports you  in the creation of your manuals  which users will understand and appreciate.    




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