Life Science Engineering

Bridging the gap between two worlds

Product development  for life science  applications often depends on engineered solutions. In product development  two different worlds meet: the mechanisms underlying biological processes need to be translated into specific technical requirements that the engineers will understand. This raises difficulties not only because of the different wording. Of equal importance is the comprehension of the respective other way of views and approaches. 

Services in Life Science Engineering

Understandable Science

science easy to understand

Science can be quite complicated. This is often reflected in scientific texts that can be hard to understand.   Fortunately, there is an alternative: wiwoco Dr. Bettina Müller  puts scientific knowledge in a nutshell - be  it for product information, synopses of clinical trials or specific reports. 

Services in Understandable Science

Areas of Focus


Laboratory Technology

Material Development

Diagnostics / Pharma



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